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Our Care Academy (Dundee)

Our Care Academy (Dundee)

Starting in February 2018 we decided to start our “Care Academy” with a view to helping people train in “Care Services” with us from a variety of backgrounds, here’s how we did it…

Week 1 – First introduction to the care sector, including all the organisational positions achievable. This is to entice the students into seeing care as a professional career with great prospects. Legislation and Manual handling are vitally important within what we do and at the end of week one the students will begin to understand this and that will be increased as they progress through the Academy.

Week 2 – This will be the start of their work experience on double up visits with an experienced member of staff Monday to Wednesday. Thursdays and Fridays each week will be classroom-based training and in this week, we cover Health and Safety and Personal care. Personal Care is often discussed when mentioning carers, however, we will install professionalism into our students so that this, along with every other aspect of the caring role is approached and delivered to the highest standards.

Week 3 – We will now be approaching halfway through the Academy and expect the students to have grown in confidence and be keen to improve their competence over the next three weeks. This week is about installing social work values into the students. Learning it is not simply what you say, but how you say it and understand why you say it. We cover Hand Held Records which is our recording format, Adult Protection and SVQs. SVQ and CPD is a way of establishing that level of professionalism we expect from all our staff, and this also needs to be reinforced through their use of social media.

Week 4 – The importance of medication in the lives of our service users and the difference between prompting, assisting and administering as well as recapping on legislation and terminology is covered this week. This enables the students to see the level of care we provide and how confidence and competence is essential in building relationships with the people we support. Computer skills through introduction to Microsoft programmes will give the students an insight into the different uses.

Week 5 – We have waited until this week to increase the students’ knowledge and understanding of behaviour that challenges and how risk assessments assist in protecting everyone. The students will now feel much more confident and understand the principles of care as well as the importance of teamwork. Responsibilities and the importance of reporting to make sure our workforce is the highest standard.

Week 6 – Computers are our future and in this last week we will get the students to design their own PowerPoint presentation covering their experience in the Academy. These will be presented to the Senior Management team. Throughout the Academy process senior management will also receive reports on students’ progression.

At the end of the Academy we hope to have achieved not only knowledge and understanding of the care sector, but professional carers of the future who will relish and thrive from making a difference in each community. All students are guaranteed an interview with Avenue Care Services, a certificate and a detailed breakdown of all modules covered in the Academy.